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ROLLover full

ROLLover partt without roller

Exchangeable by clip system

Rolls for the back can be exchanged easily by our clip system.

height adjustment

Angle and height adjustment

Easy adjustable roll for back by hand wheel.
Adjustment of the roll angle in two further steps by spring bolt.

Foldable mechanism with double ball

For calves and thighs treatment.

thighs roller
hand wheel

Height adjustment by hand wheel

Foldable mechanism by spring bolt.

thighs roller

Exchangeable trigger head

For pulling and triggering of single muscles.

Screw driver usage top

Easy assembly

Stable wall-mounting by screwing.

Screw driver usage bottom

ROLLover ganz schwarz
ROLLover ganz grau
ROLLover Rollenhalterung schwarz
ROLLover Rollenhalterung grau

Optional with
suitable rollholder

Available in 2 color variations.

ROLLover Trainingscenter, mit switchROLLs

ROLLover Trainingscenter,
with switchROLLs

switchROLL Logo big

The switchROLL offers a varied training.
The surfaces can be quickly an easily switched.

all rolls explosion

ROLLover Trainingscenter, with Timber

ROLLover Trainingscenter,
with Timber

Physiotherapeutic information and practical application


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